PC-services in Berlin

We give professional services to repair of computer equipment to the companies and private persons.

Our services
Repair of computers and notebooks. Macbook and iMac repair. Systems restore, virus removal, cleaning in case of overheating and other
Repair of smartphone’s and tablets, iPhone and iPad repair (Changing the display, touch screen and other parts)
Setting up Internet, DSL-router and Wi-Fi

Our computer service works all week in Berlin. Please appoint aterm by phone or e-mail.
Weekend and similarly inholidays the cost of services will be changed.

Desktop repair

To removing Windows system-errors. To fast selection and replacement of defective parts.

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Laptop repair

We will Removal of viruses, eliminate the overheating and running noise. Increase speed.

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Smartphone repair

Replace the broken display, restore after water, and much more in the shortest time.

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Tablet repair

To fixed a various software problem. To replacement of defective parts.

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Our advantage


We are ready to fix problem with your device at any day of the week.


90% of total failures, we can remove less than 30 minutes.

We can go to you

If you are unable to, our master can go to you.